GKN Overdrive prodam

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GKN Overdrive prodam

Odgovor Napisal/-a JJS4X4 » Pe Apr 19, 2019 7:49 pm

Prodam GKN overdrive, ki je bil vgrajen na Defenderju td5 in ima prevoženih cca 70000km in deluje brezhibno. Imam celotno dokumentacijo, navodila za vgradnjo in vzdrževanje.
Opis :

Applicable Models: Defender 5 speed manual models.

Product Description: GKN overdrive unit for 5 speed manual gearbox models, with LT230 transfer box.

Land Rover Defender Overdrive - increased performance and lower fuel consumption!

This GKN R Type Overdrive unit is easily fitted to the Land Rover Defender and provides higher overall gear ratios on third, fourth and fifth gears. The benefits include:
> Reduced engine speed
> Reduction in fuel consumption
> Lower noise levels
> Increase in engine life
> Increased flexibility of matching engine/road speed

The Overdrive is operated by an electrical solenoid controlled by a switch mounted on the customised gear knob. The unit can be engaged or disengaged without using the clutch pedal, as the unit was designed to operate when the engine is transmitting power.

An inhibitor is fitted in the electrical circuit to prevent the unit operating at unsuitable road speeds. The unit automatically disengages when the road speed drops below 30 mph and cannot be re-engaged until that speed is exceeded.

The gear lever includes a LED indicator that shows when the inhibitor has been activated due to low road speed. Installation is straight forward, with the unit bolting onto the PTO side of the LT230 transfer box. The unit is supplied with all necessary bolts, electrical wiring and operation switch.

Brief technical features of the Overdrive include: -
> Engine revs reduced by up to 28%
> Provides a gear splitter between 3rd, 4th and 5th gears
> Design based on an epicyclic gear drive that gives a very strong constant mesh helical gear
> The cone clutch gear selection engagement enables "hot shift" via the solenoid gear selection
> Smooth shift assured via hydraulic activation
> Unit reverts to direct drive in the event of loss of electrical or hydraulic systems

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